picture of Neil

NORTHSTAR has been working the music scene between the (416) and (519) since 2005. The inspiration for becoming a recording artist comes from the pure passion for music since childhood. However, in 1988 his musical career started to take form as he began learning how to play various instruments, like the guitar, drums and keys.

The sounds of hip-hop/rap became the main musical influence and that is when he started writing rhymes at the age of 12. By 1998, neilshanil started recording music in Hamilton, Canada and in 2005 became more serious producing records and performing around downtown Toronto. He would go on to work with many great underground artists like Seese, Mango, Dash, SB1, C-Wells, Illicit, Gavidia and Yoseph Caberera who are all highly active in the underground music scene.

The lyrics written in all songs pertain to events in his life and what he has experienced. Many people can and will relate to these stories, as we all go through trials and tribulations in our lives. NORTHSTAR music is 100% original lyrically/instrumentally and is likened to the 90’s genre of hip-hop and rap.